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  • 21. Shade – Pleasure

    A stick of meat slowly spins above a hearty fire, a beautiful orange crust encasing it. Oil seemed to slide down the side of the meat, dripping into the fire and making a sizzling noise. The group looked on with hungry eyes, eyeing the piece of meat. Drool dripped from the cheek of Lukas, waking […]


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  • 20. Shade – Contemplations

    While Grace was teaching Lukas how to dress down an animal, the men weren’t just standing around.“So, what should we do about Owen? The beast really got to him, huh?” A man says in a somber tone. They’re currently standing around the carcass of their friend, who died valiently fighting against the beast with them.“Am […]

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  • 19. Shade – Field dressing

    The group sat down to rip apart the beast without a care in the world. Seeing this, Grace stepped in. “You all! You all are about to ruin the meat! Do you have any idea of how to carve up a hunt?” They all looked at each other in confusion.“Is it not enough to just.. […]

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  • 18. Shade – Decisions

    A group of men stand around the corpse of a beast, their expressions miserable. They had finally managed to slay the beast, but to do so, they had to back it into a corner and slowly kill it. While the beast was incredibly wounded and barely able to stand upright, the swipes of it’s paws […]

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